New Braunfels Conservation Plaza Packages:

Bose Speaker Rental with Wireless Mic:

  • $250*  Bose Speaker Rental and Wireless Mic and Mic Stand For the Pavilion.
  • $330*  Bose Speaker Rental for Pavilion and Bose Compact Speaker Rental for inside Forke Store with Wireless Mic and Mic Stand.

*Price does not include a table and table cloth to put your music players on.

Just Press Play's MC Service:

  • $260 or $340 plus $30/hour of your event. 

  • $260** is for a single speaker system moved from one location to another.  For a 5 hour wedding this would only be $400. 
  • $340** is for two speaker systems one for inside Pavilion and the other for inside the Forke Store. For a 5 hour wedding this would only be $480

​​​**Price includes table and tablecloth fo put your music players on.  (Table shown in pictures above.)

Please Note!  We have done a couple weddings where they opted not to add on the Compact Speaker for the Forke Store.  Moving the speaker system will take about 20 minutes each time it is moved, and the move has to go through your wedding guests.  And there is not much room to setup the main speaker system inside the Forke Store.  Adding on the Bose Compact Speaker is really the BEST way to go for this venue because it helps avoid the 40 minutes of downtime moving the main system back and forth and the Compact speaker system does not take up much space.

With Just Press Play Productions you have several options at Conservation Plaza.

Our Bose Speaker Rental includes our Bose Speaker Systems for the Pavilion and/or the General Store for dinning.  Connections to your laptop or portable music player to the speaker system, Wireless Mic and Mic stand and delivery, setup and pickup.  

You compile the music on your portable music players and we connect them to our Bose speaker systems.  We just connect into the headphone jack of your player so it can be any generation, any brand and any size. 

Our Bose Speaker Rental with our MC Service includes the above equipment plus our staff on site to operate your music players for you and to help make the transitions from song to song as smooth as possible and monitor the volume level of the music.  Additionally, we will make announcements as well and help with transition from event to event.  

With this service we will also send you a four-page document about three weeks in advance of your wedding.  You fill out the information and send it back to us.  If your MC has questions, they will contact you.  This comes free with our MC Service for weddings.

Say your vows in our Rose Conservatory and Gazebo, under a live arbor draped with colorful antique roses, surrounded by lush plantings and historic architecture, set off with tasteful accent lighting.
They accommodate the entire wedding party with covered pavilion, Bride’s Room and Groom’s Room, modern kitchen, and modern restrooms, all updated and climate controlled..

weddings at Conservation Plaza in New Braunfels

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